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Article:"Do You Know Your Call?", New Reference Guide & Free Song w/ Video.

dateWelcome to Digital Worship News, Edition 23. This issue includes four excellent worship resources for you.

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Earnings, Economics and Ecosystems- Discovering Your Divine Call


We live in difficult times. Many people have lost jobs, some are struggling with work and income, and others are trying to find what God's call is on their life. The tension can be stressful and confusing. Do I take the job that pays the bills? Do I try to pursue the career I really want? How do I please God if I have to be competitive with others to get a good job? Is there room in the work world for you to pursue your call from God, and still pay your bills?

Some excellent touch points from history, science, theology, economics and the Bible converge in this article to help you consider how to take serious the script God is writing for your life. Is there room for each of us to pursue a vocation from God, or is that limited to a "chosen few".

Read this challenging article and also contribute your thoughts to the discussion...right here.



NEW: Don Moen, Dan Wilt, Tom Kraueter Rave about "Ultimate Worship Resource"


Rave reviews have been coming in on the book "2011 Ultimate Worship Resource Guide: Songs & Media Edition"!

"My friend, Kim Gentes, has put together a guide that should be on the desk of every worship leader or music minister…"
Don Moen

See other reviews by Dan Wilt, Dr. Peter Fitch, and Tom Kraeuter here.

Learn more about this valuable resource, that is built to help you save time & money, find top quality visual media, find new songs, get Free music, locate downloadable band arrangements and hymns and much, much more. Includes a unique "book owners" only web companion portal!

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FREE Song: Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty

This month we are featuring the song "Holy Holy Is The Lord Almighty" in three different ways (all FREE). We hope you listen to this song and that it brings some encouragement to you, that our Holy God is on the throne of heaven and calls to reign in our hearts. Click here to get the free MP3, Chord Chart and demonstration video!



15 Years of Modern Worship: We'll Review 50 Albums in 50 Days!


We started on the Internet in 1993 and by 1994 we were connecting with other worshipers and leaders online. A lot has changed in the last 15 years of worship. We review 15 years of modern worship albums in the next 50 days. One album review per day.

Chime in and tell us what you think of the album each day, as we walk forward to the present, starting back with 1998.

It starts today. You can follow the reviews on twitter or on Facebook. We'll release a new album review each day, so stay tuned!

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