Issue 2: Digital Worship News
(Kim Gentes)

Worshipers, Leaders, and Trainers,

journey togetherHeading to Georgia this Week: I am about to travel to Atlanta area (Marieta, GA) to help with some training at a regional conference there. Over a 100 worship leaders, musicians and others will gather and grow through various engagement of teaching, modeling and skills. This is going to be a great time, good event. If you are interested in learning more about it, click here for more info on "Is God Listening?" Conference. Why do I keep going to events, sometimes teaching, sometimes learning? Answer: because none of us can make a worthwile journey alone. Conferences, training, and learning are ways we can join together and take the journey together. One of my good friends who will be joining us at the conference is Dan Wilt. You have probably heard his name before. He's a well known teacher, leader and author, who's trained literally thousands of people around the globe in various areas of worship, theology and the creative arts and hearts of leadership and pastoral teams.

Do we have to travel for great training? Dan and I have been talking for years about the fact that while conferences are wonderful, accessibility is not always possible. Travel, costs, timing, schedule, and a myriad of other barriers make it so that most churches simply can't afford to send all the leaders they would like to a world class training event. Further, after all the effort of a 2-3 day training event, how do you truly measure effectiveness? Dan is not a fly-by-night guy. He has served as a worship leader, senior pastor and a university professor. He has taken literally decades of his life to try to help equip the Body of Christ to actually effectively grow through excellent training.

Check This Out: So what does Dan do now to help train people? The answer: the world's first ultimate conference in a cloud - If I tried to explain everything Dan has done, this email would be way too long. But let me give you a few short points.

Before you think I am making some paid endorsement, I am not. Dan isn't paying me to send this email, no one is. I am talking about Dan and because it is absolutely the best thing I have ever been involved in as a learner. Ya, that's right- I am an alumn of I have taken several courses including Essentials Red, Green, Blue and Songwriting, as well as a full 2 week intensive. Every course was a transforming experience and has actually helped me long term. Seriously, if you have any doubt about it, feel free to email me personally at "dwn @" (remove the spaces). I will answer you back personally on any question you might have. I believe that strongly in what Dan is doing.

Below is some details about that could be helpful in understanding what it is. Dan has generously put together an additional free download Video Training Night for all of us on Digital Worship News, as a welcome to all of us from

Get a FREE Digital Video Worship Values Training Night – a full night of on-demand
Video training complete with a Study Guide for your team. It’s a “How To” session on keeping our musical and social relationships full of peace, patience and kindness.

Register your church by July 1, and you'll receive a free download of the Worship Team “Sacred Style: How To Live Creatively” Video Training Night.
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Why You And Your Church Should Join The Conference In The Cloud. is something completely different – an entirely online worship conference that runs 24/7/365 on the internet. Now an entire local worship community can get practical training with the click of a mouse. You can send all of your worship leaders and musicians to this online worship conference for just $199 (by July 1) - less than the price of sending one person to one live conference.

Practical Content: Courses And Tools
As part of the conference, churches get access to practical training tools on subjects like worship leading, songwriting, building a sense of team and arranging.  But here is what makes WorshipTraining truly stand out – a membership also comes with foundational online curriculum content in worship theology, history, values and spiritual formation that equip participants for a deepened worship life. These are the Essentials Courses you’ve heard me rave about. Already there are 6 full length courses online and literally dozens of breakout sessions. Regular live, online courses, or (if you'd rather) downloadable course that let you run your own courses at your church – using video, audio, PDF media straight from the site.

Extensive Media Library

A membership to the WorshipTraining Conference In The Cloud comes with access to hundreds of media clips (video, audio) and PDF articles to help worship teams grow. All of their live sessions are recorded and available to you along with a growing library of other practical tools that are applicable to beginners and seasoned worship leaders alike.

Live Online Worldwide Community

The Conference takes place on the online WorshipTraining Campus, with members from over 30 countries and a wide range of denominations. The Campus is a connecting place for worship leaders, musicians, artists, pastors and other creative leaders. Professionals and seasoned leader moderate Groups and buzz around helping your team.

Summing Up

Head over to and have a look for yourself. $199 gets you a year-long membership to this online conference for your entire church. Look me up when you sign up and add me as a friend.

Kim Gentes

*The special price and gift for Digital Worship News friends ends July 1st, so dive in!