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datekimThis issue, we have a review of Jeremy Riddle's amazing new single"The Lord Is My Shepherd". Also we announce an upcoming worship conference in Nashville area with Brenton Brown. Finally, a great new online training series called "Whiteboard Worship Training" with Dan Wilt. Read on...

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Kim Gentes

Review of Jeremy Riddle's "The Lord Is My Shepherd" Single!



The song "The Lord Is My Shepherd" is a new single by Jeremy Riddle just releasing from Vineyard Music. I discovered this new song at (which adds all the new music from Vineyard and most other worship publishers as they release). If you aren't a member, you can find the song on Vineyard's site at Vineyard Resources. Let's talk about this new song.


The song is obviously a lyrical reference to Psalm 23, and the chorus relies on this image of God providing for us and bringing us to safe waters to satisfy our souls...

...Riddle's songwriting here is marvelously in stride with the tension of reality- that we live in the knowledge of God's provision and the need for it to satisfy the very human thirst of our souls. I will say it clearly- this is Jeremy Riddle's best song. It is blissful, articulate writing, and wonderful soaring music. Not contrived, the song lives in itself and doesn't try to solve anything beyond the scope of its theme. Perfect. Likewise, the arrangement and execution by Jeremy is dead on.



the Charge: Sacred Call to Worship -Brenton Brown & Dan Wilt (May 12-14)

May 12-14, Brenton Brown (Everlasting God, Hallelujah Your Love Is Amazing) will join Dan Wilt and many friends to train worship leaders, teams and whole congregations in the sacred call to worship in the 21st century. Intimate growth sessions with these leaders and other will leave your group equipped and empowered.

Click here to watch this short video from Dan Wilt and learn more about the conference.

the Charge Click on the video above to watch !



brentonFor those of you who are songwriters, this will be a great event- Brenton is one of those songwriters whose songs have stretched the globe, and Dan is one of the premier trainers and teachers in the body of Christ. I know this will be a brilliant and joyful time learning and in the presence of the Lord.

Also, I am looking forward to participating in the conference as well, teaching a workshop session on "Using Technology for Song & Media Research for Worship".

Vineyard Church

Franklin, TN
May 12-14, 2011

See you there! It will be great!

Kim Gentes

the charge

Free Video: "How To Lead A Great Worship Band Rehearsal"



Over the last 20 years, I have lead a lot of rehearsals. I wish I had watched this series of amazing teachings from Dan Wilt on some very practical guidelines to rehearsals.

Watch this free video online, here.



Dan's "Whiteboard Worship Training" sessions are just about perfect. They are clear, excellent content with perfect, punctual and enjoyable presentation. There is a reason Dan is the premier teacher in the body of Christ on all things worship- he is a brilliant thinker and great presenter. The videos are literally 3-5 minutes each, and jam packed with truly usable information.

All wrapped up in his practical style that shows Dan is "one of us", who isn't talking down to anyone, but is sharing from years of experience and the joy of a gifted leader.

This video "How To Lead A Great Worship Band Rehearsal" is FREE. Even if you aren't interested in taking his whole course, go check out this one free video. Really great stuff. Dan has hit the nail on the head with this -- it is how we will all be learning in the 21st Century. Perfect. (more...)


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