Review of New Life "You Hold It All" CD, "Perform" feature and Facebook Your way to 3 FREE Songs!

dateThis month, we have an article about's new "Perform" feature- which allows you to use your iPad to view your charts for your service- no more printing! We also review the new album "You Hold It All", from the New Life Church (Jon Egan, Glenn Packaim and Jared Anderson). Finally we are featuring a special "Facebook Your way to 3 FREE Songs" promotion! Read on...

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Perform & Read Chord charts from iPad on "Perform" Feature in!

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iPad or Android tablet users rejoice- read charts from your tablet! updated its service to add a nice new feature for those who love using chord charts and songs from

For iPad or android tablet owners, check out the new "perform" function now online in the new UI on the mobile site. The goal of the "Perform" button is to allow you to have a simple, clean interface with readable chord charts displayed allowing you to page through them, just like you would for a physical songbook on a music stand.

Great for use on a stage, in a small group or at home practicing. Your service/set is ready to go without having to print anything off. See how to try it out!

You can try out for free for one month- including the "Perform" feature! (more...)



"Facebook" Your way to a 3 Song FREE Digital EP from Kingdom Rain!

Since Kingdom Rain is an independent release, we don't have big label promotion. But we have those friends and worshipers who have enjoyed the project and like the songs. So here's the deal- post the link shown below on your Facebook profile. Get 5 friends to "Like" or comment on the link within 1 week, we'll give you 3 free songs. That's it.

THREE EASY steps get you THREE FREE Songs. Details here:

1. Post this exact link to your own Facebook profile:

2. Get at least 5 friends to "Like" or Comment on your above link in Facebook

3. Email us at with the link to your Facebook page, showing where you posted the link with the 5 "Likes" or comments. Offer ends Tuesday, April 19 at 11:59pm CST. Send us your qualified Facebook link showing you posted the link by that time.**




Thanks for supporting us. The album "Kingdom Rain" is a project by Kim Gentes, with friends Andy Park and Rita Springer, and produced by Brian Thiessen.

If you would like to check out the album on click Kingdom Rain ! It is available in both CD and MP3 album format.

**Note: once we receive your email and confirm your link, we will email you the 3 Song EP to download including the songs- Kingdom Rain, Holy Holy and Whispers Like Thunder.

NEW ALBUM: "You Hold It All" from New Life Worship- Review


A low pad hums... an electric guitar reverberates a layer of rhythm.. then a voice calls out

Who has stretched out the skies like a canvas
Who has scooped up the oceans with His hands
Who has measured the hills from the mountains
You have

So begins the newest album from New Life Church and its arsenal of great songwriters, Jon Egan, Jared Anderson and Glenn Packiam. This time they are joined by the notable lyricist Mia Fieldes on several songs, with additional credits to several others scattered across the 12 track, 13 song collection of this project. And this is the immediately what is most striking about this new project- the lyrical strength of the songs. Music, while still remaining clearly artful, takes backseat to some careful thought taken to the art of lyric craft...

...If you are looking for some new gems for church worship, I encourage you to review the songs I have noted here. There are plenty of other tracks on the project that might resonate with you as well, so don’t take my word for it-- listen through the entire project. Well worth getting the entire mp3 album online, in my opinion. (more...).


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