Dark Night of the Soul, Brian Doerksen's "Level Ground" and more!

dateThis month, we have a video interview/article called "Dark Night of the Soul" with well-known author, speaker Dr. Peter Rollins. We also review the new album "Level Ground", from worship leader/songwriter Brian Doerksen. Finally we are featuring the free song "You're My Refuge" (mp3/chord chart/video) once again, and our latest album update! Read on...

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Dark Night of The Soul: Conversation, Challenges & Interview with Peter Rollins




As Christian leaders, we can make the mistake of not tending properly to the weightier issues of grief, loss and doubt. This may be unintentional, based on the assumption of a long life of sincere devotion and relationship with God. But the truth is that loss, pain and even doubts about our faith are important questions to deal with. When pain, tragedy and struggle bring a difficulty upon us, not facing it can be the wrong tact to take.

The 16th Century Christian mystic Saint John of the Cross wrote a famous poem and treatise, entitled “Dark Night of the Soul”....The poem, and its title, became synonymous for Christian writers over the recent centuries as a phrase to echo intense struggle and pain- perhaps even their most painful challenge in life...While there is strong scriptural precedent for mournful sorrow, frustrated concern, and even anger, very few modern Christian leaders write or speak on such topics.

The following two interviews are with Dr. Peter Rollins, author and speaker, who delves into some important thoughts on being honest about our human struggles. (more...)



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NEW ALBUM: "Level Ground" with Brian Doerksen- Review


[stop for a moment. quiet the noise. rest your mind. read this.]

Welcome to the place of level ground
Welcome to the place where grace abounds
We all need mercy
We all need mercy

This is the first verse of the title track from Brian Doerksen's newest music experience, entitled "Level Ground". Like most of Brian's projects, this one is a woven, purposeful story. In this episode of his sharing with the broader church, the overarching theme is grace. The liner notes intro this CD well, where Doerksen says: "This project began as a simple idea... a picture of grace"...Visually and audibly it is an engaging and grace-filled experience (more...)



FREE Song: You're My Refuge!

A song borne from the intense hunger to find God in the rough seas of life's journey. With the lyrical foundation in the Psalms (Ps. 91 to be exact), this melodic and heartfelt song helps us express our desire for God's anchoring presence and truth in our lives. Click here to get the free MP3, Chord Chart and demonstration video!


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