Do Modern Churches Need Choirs? A song review, and a Free Song!

dateThis month, we have three nice features. A video interview/article called "Do Modern Churches Need Choirs?" with well-known arranger Dave Williamson. We also review the new song single "Show Me The Way To Your Heart", featuring Brian Doerksen on vocals. Finally we are featuring the free song "You're My Refuge" (mp3/chord chart/video) once again, and finally our latest album update! Read on...

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Do Modern Worship Churches Need Choirs?


A Video Interview with Dave Williamson

This last year, a friend gave me a copy of the newly released book "God's Singers" by Dave Williamson and he encouraged me to read it. I picked it up and quickly found myself enjoying not only the book, but entering into the world of the writer.


Dave wasn't just a dry writer, expounding to choir experts and enthusiasts. His warm stories, keen attention to the scriptures and clear passion for worship in the midst of the Body of Christ fills the book. But his topic is clearly the element of choirs. As I read, I realized that I wanted to meet Dave and learn more about his journey. This last week, Dave graciously consented to my request and offered to be interviewed.

If you are in a church with contemporary or modern worship, you may ask "Why would we want a choir?" Dave is not a stodgy music arch-type trying to hold back musical progressives. Quite the opposite- find out why modern churches are turning to, and need, to consider the powerful worshiping choir.

One of our best featured articles ever in Digital Worship News- watch this video interview. (more...)



Kingdom Rain Tops AmazonMP3..

We are thankful for those of you who supported us and visited to view and purchase the album! This last month "Kingdom Rain" was #1 on AmazonMP3 Praise and Worship List in its first week of release! It still remains in the top 100 albums. If you would like to check out the album on click here! It is available in both CD and MP3 album format..



"Show Me The Way" - Song Review


When we do reviews, it is normally on a full album project, or resource. Today, however, I wanted to share something that is just a single song resource. Normally a single isn't something I investigate simply because of the time and work it takes to do a review. This song, however, caught my attention instantly when I heard it, so I investigated further.


The song "Show Me The Way To Your Heart" is a new single just releasing from ION Records. The song is a captivating call both to us and God. To us because it invites us into the prayer with its writers to seek God's heart and call on him even as we make our journey towards him. A call to God in that the song itself is a prayer "show me the way to Your heart". The song is presented crisp, and clear, with the vocals of veteran worship leader Brian Doerksen executing his trademark pensive call and response styling. The musical backdrop is provided by Doerksen's own band including the great rhythms of Calum Rees and Peter Davyduck (drums and fretless bass), with Brian Theissen on electric guitar adding melodic hook and with a meaty center of volume through the instrumental segment.

Songwriters Adam Villiers and Pete Beaumont give us lyrics that are as easy to sing as they are to listen to, and I found myself joining in almost instantly. In fact, the reason I am writing this review is because the song quickly became my prayer for the hours and days that followed the first listen. Wonderfully infectious, (more...)



FREE Song: You're My Refuge!

A song borne from the intense hunger to find God in the rough seas of life's journey. With the lyrical foundation in the Psalms (Ps. 91 to be exact), this melodic and heartfelt song helps us express our desire for God's anchoring presence and truth in our lives. Click here to get the free MP3, Chord Chart and demonstration video!



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