kim gentesFolks,

This is Kim Gentes. As of today, we are bringing together several email communications into this email news called "Digital Worship News". This will replace several previous lists you may have been a part of- the Worship Announcements list, Worship Gathering list, and the Worship Thought. Over the last fifteen years, you have known Kim from the Worship List (online discussion list), the founder of, and other resources, along with being the founder of the Worship Gathering events.

In any case, the goal of this Digital Worship News is to give you high quality information about important resources, announcements, events and news related to worship, music and ministry in the modern digitally connected church.  This newsletter is free and you will not be charged for it. It will include reviews from Kim, articles, website links, resource tips and more. We will send an issue of Digital Worship News (DWN) when there is quality information and resources- you won't see excessive emails or junk from us.

In this first email, besides telling you about the transition to DWN from our other lists, we wanted to let you know about two important items:

  1. "Is God Listening?" - a worship team training conference in the Atlanta, GA area.

  2. From Kim Gentes worship & tech blog, our review of the Apple iPad.

Here are the details:

Is God Listening? - a worship team training conference

June 9-11 in Marietta, GA is when and where the "Is God Listening?" Worship Conference will be held. If you are worship leader, worship team member, musicians, creative, technical contributor or anyone involved in worship, I strongly encourage you to consider coming to this conference. Kim will be at the conference too, as we look to share ideas and encouragement with several of you, along with several wonderful teachers, leaders and trainers. This is a very reasonably priced conference, with high quality training, especially applicable for those in the Southeast United States area. Check it out at:


Review of Apple iPad

A summary of the latest technology device for consumers from the top notch user interface company in the world. Apple has released this revolutionary device to rave reviews and consumer rush to set sales records for Apple.  An early and honest review of the device. Click here for the review:

We hope you find these resources and information helpful to you, and your church.


Sincere blessings,
Kim Gentes